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Bank Transfer:

Use Onlinebanking or a traditional transfer form to transfer money directly to our business bank account. Bank transfers within Germany take max. 24h which we receive multiple times a day. International bank transfers may take up to 3 days. You will be given our IBAN number in your order confirmation email. Please use your order name or order number as reference so that we can link your payment with your order.


Get your order from our local agents and pay by cash. Receive your order the same day. The only things you need is your ID (21+) and your order number. Locations of our agents in Germany will be disclosed to you in your order confirmation. Herefor, please visit our German Website, as pickup/cash is possible in Germany only.



Pay orders instantly with Bitcoin. With this payment method you will not have to wait like with bank transfer. With this payment method same day dispatch is possible. You will receive our BTC-address which you can transfer the money to with your order confirmation email. Please send an email with your order number and the transaction ID to btc (at) afterwards.