What kind of products do you provide?
We provide chemical substances for analysis. Not for human consumption!

Why do you no longer sell 1p-LSD, 1cP-LSD and 1V-LSD?
These substances recently became controlled substances in most countries, so that always stay with the most recently developed substance(s).

How does 1D-LSD differ from 1cP-LSD?
1D-LSD is very similar to 1cP-LSD as it is also a prodrug of LSD. Although some report 1D-LSD turns shorter than 1cP-LSD. For research purposes, it can be considered as an identical replacement.

Is 1D-LSD legal?
1D-LSD is legal in most countries but ultimately it is the responsibility of the customer to double check laws before ordering from 1pLSD.to.

Does your 1D-LSD contain impurities such as iso-1D-LSD or LSD?
No, our 1D-LSD does not contain any significant impurities. The minimum chemical purity of our 1D-LSD is >98% (but usually >99%). The maximum acceptable limit for iso-1D-LSD is 1% and for LSD it is 0% (must be below limit of detection). Our 1D-LSD does not contain any LSD. Detailed analytical data for each batch of 1D-LSD we offer can be found on the product page.

Do you ship to my country?
We ship to most countries worldwide. If your country is supported you will see at checkout.

Are you still active?
We are active as the products provided by us are legal in Germany. The new German Psychoactive Substances Act (NpSG) does not include our products. Foreign legislation is not applicable on our services.

How do I contact support?
We currently only accept support via Telegram — this can be found in the support section of our website. Please ensure you provide your order number (if applicable) and order email address when contacting support, otherwise finding a solution might take longer.

Why aren’t you responding to my support tickets?
If your question is answered by this FAQ, you may not receive a support ticket response. Additionally, if you send multiple support tickets then our response will be delayed further.

Can I pay by card or PayPal?
No, we currently do not accept these methods of payment — please consult our payments page for accepted methods of payment.

What designs/images do you have on your blotters?
All our blotters have the chemical name printed on them, we do not and will not offer pictures or images.

Is the envelope you use for shipping discreete?
We use discreete standard carton envelopes (similar to Amazon cartons) or white letter envelopes and we do not print any information about our company or the products inside on them. We change sender address and company name periodically.


I did not receive an order confirmation!
Please, check your spam-inbox. As of reasons of security we use anonymous email-servers located in foreign countries. This may cause email delivery to spam-inboxes in some cases.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all relevant payment gateways, depending on the country to which you are ordering.

Can I make payment via online banking?
For most countries only credit card (via bitcoin) payment is available.

Why is Paypal payment not possible?
As of terms and conditions of Paypal we are not allowed to receive payment for the products we provide. We already tried to offer that payment method in the past, but our Paypal account has been closed after a while.

I don’t know how to provide you my order number when transferring funds?
This is not a problem, as we assign your payment to your order automatically. If you used someone elses bank account to transfer funds and did not receive a shipping confirmation even after 48h, please contact our support.

Can I send you a screenshot of my payment for faster shipping?
Orders are dispatched on the day we receive payment. As of bad experiences in the past we cannot accept screenshots as proove of payment.

How long does bank transfer take?
We receive your payment within 24h. Bitcoin payment we receive immediately. If you paid after shipping deadline your order will be dispatched on the next day.


When will my order be shipped?
In case we receive payment before 12AM Monday to Friday, your order will be dispatched the same day. All orders placed and paid during the weekend will be shipped on Monday.

What happens to my items if I am not at home on the day of delivery?
In general your local post will keep them for 7 days in their office before sending them back. Please, keep in mind that for reasons of security we do not receive orders you did not pick up.

What happens to my money if my order gets lost or stolen by Post / DHL?
Your order will be re-shipped after 14 days (EU). This will be repeated until you receive your order. All orders are dispatched tracked, so that you and us can see if you still did not receive your order.

When do I get my shipping confirmation (containing the Tracking ID)?
We start sending shipping confirmations daily from 13:00 (CEST). You may not receive tracking until 24 hrs AFTER your order is shipped, this is because there is a lag between shipping and uploading tracking numbers. Please wait patiently for your tracking number and do not make support tickets unless you still haven’t received your tracking number after 3 days.

When will I receive the products I have ordered?
Orders are dispatched on the day we receive payment. To most EU countries shipping takes 3-4 days. To some regions in far away countries shipping can take up to 7 days. You can check that for your county here. Click the button “Laufzeit” and choose your country in the list.