Payment Methods:

The following payment methods are accepted:


Credit Card (<250€):

You can pay small orders by credit card. Within 24h we will send you a payment link which you can use to pay your order. Your order will be shipped immediately after we receive payment.


Bitcoin (and other Crypto):

You will receive a BTC-Wallet-ID at the end of the ordering process, to which you can send the amount due within 1 hour.

After payment, the shipment will be automatically processed and shipped on the same day (if you order early in the morning)!



Bank Transfer:

You will receive bank details at the end of the ordering process. After we receive your payment, the shipment will be processed within 24h!

Cash on Delivery:

We offer you the option to pay directly to the postal carrier at your doorstep with cash or card. Alternatively, the shipment can be paid at a nearby post office within 7 days. No transfer to us is required. The shipment will be ready for pickup at the post office the next day.

-Available only for orders lower than 1600€-

You will receive an order confirmation at the end of the ordering process.